Training and Technique - Advice on armwrestling-specific exercises and technique.
Knowledge Bank - Have a question about armwrestling? Find the answers here.
Feats of Hand Strength - Learn to tear phone books in half with your bare hands, as well as other feats.
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Message Board - Find tournaments, discuss armwrestling, and view armwrestling-related blogs.
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  What is the armwrestling-supersite?

The armwrestling-supersite puts all the armwrestling information you want right at your fingertips. We strive to bring you the latest in training strategies and novel techniques. We also strive to answer all questions submitted about armwrestling through our Knowledge Bank.

The armwrestling-supersite also offers another interesting features, our Feats of Hand Strength section. Here we show you several impressive ways to demonstrate your hand strength to others, such as ripping a phone book in half with only your bare hands! Not only will these Feats (which you can perform) impress your friends, but they are also a great way to train the strength you need to succeed at armwrestling.

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